LVSync is not working

General installation instructions are available at  If you are still having trouble getting LVSync to work  please check the following steps.For simplicity we will refer to the first iOS viewing device as a "iPad" and the second iOS for use as a camera as the "iPhone" but it is possible to use any 2 iOS devices that are at least iOS 14 or higher :

1.   Register Profile - Make sure you have registered a Profile in LVStudio first.  This process must be done BEFORE CONNECTING TO YOUR LVPRO Camera.  The Profile must be registered on the iPad.  Profile is not necessary for the iPhone.

2. Subscribe to LVSync - You must subscribe to LVSync before using it. To subscribe you have to open LVSync on your iPad and tap on "Dual View".  This will trigger the subscription process if you have not subscribed yet (This step must also be completed with an active internet connection before connecting your LVPro camera).   If you are already subscribed, it will open a split view with the LVPro feed on the left and the "waiting for camera connection" on the right.
    You can check to see if you have a current subscription by checking your "subscriptions" in your iOS Settings.  This article shows you how to find your subscription and also Cancel it if you decide not to keep it.  

3. Connect ONLY the iPad to LVPro2 - The LVPro2 only allows one client connection at a time.  Connect only the iPad to the LVPro2 hotspot.  It is not necessary to connect the iPhone to the LVPro2.  LVSync on iOS uses a proprietary wireless protocol and does not rely on the LVPro2 to transfer data.  Data is shared directly between the two iOS devices.

4. Set the iPhone as a "Camera" - Once the viewer is connected to the LVPro2 and showing a live feed, go to your iPhone and open LVSync and select "CAMERA".  Once the iPhone is set to LVSync Camera. The iPad will show a red dot with the name of your iPhone as an available LVSync Camera.  The LVSync connection will start when you tap on the red dot.  It should turn green at that point and start streaming the second video feed after 20-30 seconds.

Other Notes: Please make sure both of your devices are running the same version of iOS.  There have been cases where different versions of iOS were not able to see each other.

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