LVPro Skips Frames On Replay

When using LVPro and reviewing saved videos, you may see large gaps in your swing like a jump from the top of the swing to the follow-through.  This skipping is caused by radio interference leading to data loss in video transmission.

It is possible to improve your reception by changing your WiFi channel using the following process.

1.  Identify potential interference from other WiFi devices using a Wifi Scanner.  

For iOS we recommend the free Apple provided Airport Utility.  You can see instructions for channel scanning in this document: Using-Airport-Utility-to-Scan-WiFi-Network-Signal-Strength.pdf

For Android there are several tools including the WiFi Analyzer WiFi Analyzer

Once you identify competing WiFi sources, we recommend moving your camera up or down by 4 channels to avoid any channel overlap if possible.  If your WiFi spectrum is very crowded, it may be difficult to get a clear channel and you should choose a channel competing against the weakest signals.  in WiFi Analyzer and the Airport Utility, a larger number is weaker because it is negative. (-60 is weaker than -30).  WiFi Analyzer also does a nice job of graphing your results.

2. To Change the WiFI Channel on your LVPro
Open LVStudio and go to "Settings" then "Camera Settings". select "WiFi Channel . Make sure that you either see a "Checkmark" or a message "WiFi Channel Changed Successfully" to confirm that your channel was applied.

Please note that WiFi is not the only source of radio transmission.  LVPro operates on the 2.4GHZ radio spectrum which is allocated to WiFi data transmission and is "unregulated' by the FCC .  This means that any device can use this frequency including non-WiFi devices such as security cameras, wireless keyboard and mice, walkie-talkies and may kinds of wireless microphones.  If your chosen channel does not improve your video try different channels. We would recommend either 1,5,7,11 as creating the most separation possible. 

You can also try testing your camera in a different location to see if that improves reception. Your new location should be at least 1/2 mile or 1 km from your normal practice location to get a clear reading.

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