LVStudio (iOS) Known Issues

Current Version 1.6.0

Release Notes: Updated AI engine to be more efficient and accurate.

Live Video

1. Video does not fill the entire screen in landscape mode - LVPro2 was designed for use in Portrait mode and will present black border pillar boxes if your tablet is in landscape mode.  We recommend flipping your tablet into portrait mode to maximize screen use - in LVPro2 Portrait mode with iPad Portrait mode, the player will appear almost twice as large,  making swing videos easier to see.  We have requests to enable Landscape mode as well and have added this feature to our long term iOS roadmap.


1.  MyPractice Deletes All Files when only a few are selected. - This issue is caused by malformed data fields in LVSync recordings. This doesn't happen every time, but when it does, deleting that particular file will delete the entire folder. 
Status: fixed in 1.5.8

2.  Time Stamp on files is incorrect. - File time stamp is listed as HH:SS  instead of HH:MM
Status: fixed in 1.5.8

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