LVPro2 Manual and Firmware


LVPro2 Firmware Update Installation Instructions.

1. Download Latest Firmware from (Link is at the bottom of the product page)2. Unzip the file using an archive utility (WinZip). The resulting file will be named "SPHOST.brn"3. Transfer the File on to the camera. With the power off, plug the camera via USB cable into your PC. When you power up the camera it will read "MSDC" on the front display. The camera will now be visible in the file manager as an external drive named "Unknown". Copy and paste the "SPHOST.brn" file to the camera's root directory. When finished, the directory should read:





4. Reboot the camera.Once the file has been placed on the SD Card, eject the drive on your PC and, unplug the camera . The camera will power off automatically when unplugged. When you turn the camera back on you will see a message on the camera display "FW ISP" and the multifunction light will flash green.

DO NOT TURN OFF THE CAMERAduring this process as this will result in irrecoverable damage to the camera.

Once the Firmware update is complete, the camera will power off automatically. From here you should be able to restart the camera for normal use.

LVPro2 V3.3 FW

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