LVPro2 Manual and Firmware


LVPro2 Firmware Update Installation Instructions.

*Updating the FW on the LVPro2 is risky and can lead to unrecoverable camera failure. Un-authorized FW updates void the warranty on your camera.*

If you are experiencing issues with your hardware that may require a FW update, please contact us first. The procedures below are provided only for use during authorized and supervised FW updates.


If the camera looses power during the upgrade process, the camera will be damaged without possible recovery. To make sure the camera stays powered during FW updates follow these safety measures:

  1. Make sure the LVPro2 is Fully charged prior to starting. The camera is fully charged if the "red" light turns off after LVPro2 has been plugged in to a wall power supply. Charge time depends on state of the battery but could last up to 2.5 hours if the battery is empty.
  2. LVPro2 should be plugged into a power supply during the upgrade process. The power input should be a direct wall outlet. Using a PC or Mac to power the camera will prevent the camera from initializing the FW Upgrade protocol and place the camera into "MSDC" (File transfer mode) instead.
  3. Avoid handling the camera when the FW Upgrade has started. In some instances, a loose battery connection can interrupt the FW upgrade and cause irrecoverable error.


  1. Insert SD Card.

LVS will provide a SD Card with the latest FirmWare if an update is necessary. Remove your current SD Card (located inside the battery compartment) and replace it with the provided SD Card. The new SD Card should "click" in place. If the LVPro2 display reads "no SD Card" when powering up, check to make sure the new SD Card is firmly inserted.

Please note that the card reader is spring loaded. Releasing the card before full insertion can lead to a forced ejection that can catapult the new SD card several feet away. It is best to cup your hands over the card reader when attempting to insert the new SD card to prevent loss of the new card.

  1. Power Up the LVPro2.

With the battery fully charged and the LVPro2 plugged into a wall outlet, turn on the camera. The LVPro2 Screen will display "FW ISP...". The LVPro2 will also be flashing a green light during the upgrade process. The process should take approximately 2 minutes. The camera will turn off automatically once the upgrade process has been completed.

  1. Power Up the LVPro2 to Check performance

Once the FW has update has completed, you should be able to power up the LVPro2 as normal.

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