What is the best tablet to use with LVStudio

We often get questions about what tablet to best use with LVStudio and our recommended hardware. In general we recommend you use what you have, but if you are thinking of buying a new device for use with your LiveViewPro and LVStudio please consider these things:

1. iPad (2022) $329 (A13 Processor)
We like to recommend iPad devices in general because we have found that Apple does a good job of standardizing their hardware so that our app tends to work the same across different devices. Our only requirement for iPad compatibility is that the iPad can run iOS 13.0 or higher. This includes any iPad starting with the iPad Air2 (10/2014). If you are using an older iPad you can still use our original Live View Golf App.
There are benefits to owning the latest, most powerful iPad as we are currently working on additional features that will take advantage of the more powerful neural networking processors available starting with the M2 processor.
2. Amazon Kindle Fire HD10/Fire HD8Plus ($149.99/$109.99)
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets are actually Android Tablets with a custom UI design. The Fire HD10 and HD8PLUS are the most current versions of Amazon's Fire Tablet lineup and offer powerful hardware for media playback. We have found that the Kindle Fire devices offer the best streaming performance of any tablet including iOS while also being extremely affordable. Amazon also offers frequent sales on these tablets that often bring the cost down to ($109/$89).
The downsides to the Kindle Fire tablets include heavy Amazon branding that subjects you to heavy advertising by Amazon. There is also a lack of HDMI output to connect your Kindle fire to an external monitor if you wish to do so. Note that older Kindle Fire devices run the FireOS 5 or 6 which is insufficient to run LVStudio. LVStudio requires FireOS 7 which is equivalent to Android 9.
3. Android Tablets
For Android devices we require Android 8.1 or better to be compatible with LVStudio. Due to the variety of possible Android hardware designs, it is difficult to predict performance for specific brands. We have found even high end Samsung Tablets to use WiFi chips that lead to uneven streaming performance on LVStudio. HDMI output capability varies by device as well. We've had good results with LG devices and HTC devices.
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